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Digital Fulfillment Services for Educational Publishers, Distributors & Districts

Can your Digital Platform do this?

If not let DiBS help you.

(And this is just the beginning)

Do you have a Digital Platform built for the classroom?

Probably Not.

If  you do have a digital platform, it most likely is built for the Library.

Our platform was built for the demands of classroom teachers. (Shhh..we can also work in the Library).


Do you have the time, budget or skill-sets to build your Digital Platform?

Probably not.

It is time consuming and expensive to build and maintain a platform that can meet the needs of the “Classroom”.

Why not lets us do it for you at a fraction of the cost.


Does your Platform only have your titles?


Schools do NOT want a separate Digital Platform for each publisher.

Whether you have a “White Labeled” version from us or you use the “DiBS” branded platform, schools can use 1 platform to access 35K titles from 25+ publishers.